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“After birth some kind types of substance have emerged”

“After birth some kind types of substance have emerged”

has to be some part of the body
that didn’t come out as body
only nerve sense
that recognizes shape and distortion
some of the time
and often against some other form
that you could not call a similar

as the taste in trees
happens with age
and love for foilage (recognition)
to color type and growth rate
the different reactions of specific soil

could anything grow if we didn’t love it?
I mean even the humble body
which embarrasses all those who take it under consideration
how it fails instantly
ungraceful aging and root ends unfindable
in the dirt of hemispheric amnesia

to sing when the thought of song
is only visible against the type of enclosure
that takes years to cultivate
by hand by mouth
by minutes swallowed in the earths own ideal holding station
the fossil character of the instant night
the envy and kindness of bird migration
to know that one still doesn’t know
and that, even, being too much.


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