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“Has it been that long?”

there is a blueness (in) him going
keeping the pacing apart
where? (up here) darling
I’ve already told you
down with us
at the spot the language seizes (me) with it’s unknowable
to do
doing the respected part of (is) his mercy’s killing crime

the now or never
(hushed) part of you
it’s on the label
I’ve told you how america works

when I am going
this way (then) that
where do I belong?
I’ve said it too often
at the ledge, with you’re choreography
a bad lettering to do

is it the way our world sounds
down the street
with the neighbors houses for sale

there is more to me than (asking)
stop refering to (is it so)
I wouldn’t (even) the smallest
part remember (its you’re forming tirades) taught speech
now the war some daddy warbucks says
we must all put muscle into
is claimed by ourselves
as the authenticating the body does
to refinance the poems form

then even that doing
is as retracted
once it enters thought
as questions bleached of solid stain
has hushes it’s outer (from amber) column
to the freezing (output)
of love (loving) and associating
the dieting verb for our quitest
(moment) abroad
tends (always) never noticed
to be put (like thieves) in the corner
where intent dilutes (it’s thinning)
of this (country) brain (branded) escapes

Now where are you going?
to put silence behind what quest
whose doing hasn’t already been done.


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