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“My Lang-po’s are not the same, Tenured (or) else untended-but missed”

“My Lang-po’s are not the same, Tenured (or) else untended-but missed”

I have to begin re-inforcing my own ‘hunger journal’
as if to think of Bernadette
some(where) near (by) on a farm
feeding birds or tending garden
doesn’t write as much
as crazy as hard to understand -decode
as Her and Hannah used to
in those New York City apartments
in the Warhol days

when the Village hadn’t yet made up it’s mind
with Ted and Alice causing so much trouble
merely with their words
sometimes with their sex
and often with their drugs

Now Bruce is a professor
and Charles is a professor
what can they teach me of love?

That is why I read Cixous and Lispector
because it is (now) from another place
that I question form
from the feminine and revolution
and revolutionary femininity
to the thoughts of Bernadette in countryside
older and calm

to sad state of the Village
where everyone (looking upwards) and nicely dressed
performs life as if they have just discovered
the ancient form of cool.


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