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“A Chance, for Place and Bright Horizon”

“A chance, for place and bright horizon”

If I have been far away,
I come back to things slowly,
two boots slide as one memory
while as such (all the parties, tomorrows and yesterdays, are truly over)
once, I saw the tiniest event
expand itself, until it seemed, the truth of the whole world
were suddenly making itself known.

But everything hides,
and very well
it should-
someone ought to protect the fragility
we encounter in our lives.
How would one name it?
You cannot.

But attempting is what we are so sadly (sorely) good at.
And things are damaged in that way.
Touched incessantly, with great impatience-
another loss is there,
the words we could have, should have used,
to create a thickness (tough)
that could not be distorted
or undone
by us.


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