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“Clara and her impoverished secret twin”

“Clara and her impoverished secret twin”

Added out of nowhere
the fence a face peers
and is caught directly into for the longest
learning period possible
half sense pivoting around the poor light

but then again,
this is urgent-
please, unwind me from this memory-
deliberation feels it’s own threat
grow -be cut, spread off elsewhere.

All stories forget the body
especially stories of the body
the action, the forgetting-
becomes enclosed
nothing folded away
almost nothing working
the skin a cluster of left out memories.

I need war, don’t you?
And if not needing
wondering all the time
what are words breaking against?
Where does day go, catch-
and free itself but no one else?
a hunger daughter or daughter hungry
the intensity (turning)
one moment – erased
easing off the particular nothing
towards the dazed water color
without rage, prophecy, or answer.


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