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“As I knew almost nothing then”

“As I knew almost nothing then”

The variant of the memorable-
and later
a given the body feels to it’s tip,
to it’s first line,
is that a consequence?

And elsewhere
a grace bent
into the unseen depletion,
into the blue pitch
where the home
and troubled stone is tossed.

Underneath the furling low trim,
a wild calm sucked back
into the sway-

It is important that we remember
everything in this room,
something, you have a sense, can quickly go,
unrecoverable for a long time.

Imagine: the tone of the thing,
it’s emergency, it’s pummeled rage,
enough for a sentence-
a journey across the top fold,
the fabric, point or first act
and then a sound carried,
(a significant scale pressed)
back to, or away from-
the giving where form was nested,
or, learned also that great achievement-
the double indelible mis-impression that must be let go of.


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