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“I came close to enjoying the world today”

“I came close to enjoying the world today”

Experience? Asks the panorama,
what type of earth have you known?
Were you attentive? Attendant?
Did you know much in that place?
Or were you only admiring the visibility-
the double ground, where world
might or might not crack open
and give that shell a river
from which your place could pulse,
owning outcome, good intentions?

I am very tired with grievance,
the blame game that disconnects human fabric,
our experiences, our extending,
kindness, yes, perhaps,
but be there in person this time to deliver,
hand it over with the heat of your loss
pressed into the fold of your unspecified ‘safe place’.

‘I am no one’, no one says,
great portions of the world still suffer, are you counting?
Keeping up?
Toward the living you will invade,
doubt certain appearances, commonalities-
just where is it, you think you have come from?

I am not total,
coming the front fruit of the senses
bruised, am I happy?
‘No one has to be’, thinks decency.
Off this boundary some rove, disappear,
own their mental impossibility.
This world is shoveling nothing into itself,
whatever could be called a reasonable expectation
must be readjusted to evaluate someone else’s hunger
by much more then one’s own theoretical type of hunger.


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