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“The Distortion of the engine”

“The distortion of the engine“

You begin to understand
it’s someone else’s pain,
then yours-
then yours
whats the difference?
Magic may not be what you’ll hear
the only thing that you’ll hear
as you move around in this room without context
no assured voice is speaking
listen now: this is how it says
and what it says is: “ Loss is temporary “
tell me things
because love is faint
not think you know until the moment is right
go alone
until you’ve upturned every stone
dream of water
touch me
I wont leave
I will not leave
go afraid
go wasted
door to last star to every road
is burned out
not built to last
not last in line
the wind stinks like everywhere else
all the people inside me
winter window
I change the details
the texture of a dream
you should never trust me
I just wanted to hurt you
by this: destroy you’re sand castles,
your fingerprints on the snow.


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