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“Admiration and dialogue for feminist poets”

“Admiration and dialogue for feminist poets”

Be on, peon, the spot heritage flees on.
Save your crooked coked up sister the trip
to the emergency room.
Buy her a dictionary and have her define
all of the drugs shes on.

Had to be a good citizen-
then you could learn to be a good writer
whose belonging depended on ‘wow’ words
and bias, bass, treble.

Rinse America out of your clothes-
give profusely to charity, be sure
to tell everyone about it,
each new small philanthropy project-
your part in it, the amount.

City buses, that black man
with the attitude-
that white woman
with the gratitude,
now watch everyone in the park
levitate, ask for change-
be denied.

Park police are nudging anyone bold
enough to have fallen asleep-
now I know why you got to pay
someone to be understood,
so that when your talking crazy
you still get the blank eyes, deep concern
and universal amicable nod.

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